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Benefit from the assistance of specialists with several years of experience and choose the right training. Online marketing is the key to achieving your company’s business goals! Learn social media marketing with Coconut Agency.

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Facebook online marketing courses

Facebook remains the most popular platform. You can still achieve excellent results there and effectively build your brand. However, you must ensure the quality of your company’s fan page. Sales, lead generation, and expanding your reach all work exceptionally well with Facebook ads. During the Facebook marketing course, we’ll teach you how to effectively utilize Facebook Ads in your industry. Try our Facebook advertising training courses.

Instagram online marketing courses

How to stand out on Instagram, build a strong community, and effectively promote your brand? We’ll show you how! This platform is visual-centric, so creating eye-catching and unique content is crucial. Try out Instagram marketing in your company. We’ll guide you in crafting precisely that type of content. We provide marketing courses on Instagram.

LinkedIn online marketing courses

Operating in the B2B sector and aiming for high-level individuals? LinkedIn will be an excellent tool for business growth. We’ll demonstrate how to make use of company and personal profiles, as well as ads, for robust marketing. If you are looking for LinkedIn courses for companies, then we can help!

Google ADS online marketing courses

Want to enhance the effectiveness of your ads? We’ll teach you how to create ad campaigns that display in the right place at the right time. We provide Google Ads courses and training. Furthermore, we’ll guide you in building ads from scratch and optimizing them on search networks and YouTube. You’ll also learn to craft product campaigns and advanced remarketing strategies. 

TikTok online marketing courses

Looking for a way to outpace the competition? TikTok can help! It’s a rapidly growing platform with significant potential, not only for branding but also for sales. We’ll educate you on producing creative, engaging content and advise you on achieving branding and sales goals. Try our TikTok marketing courses for businesses. 

Pinterest online marketing courses

Are you in industries like home decor, fashion, or beauty? Have products or services that shine in aesthetic, eye-catching images? Perfect! Pinterest is tailored for you. We’ll show you how to use this platform to promote your brand, build an attractive image, and boost sales. Pinterest training courses for fashion and decor industries is exactly what we have!

X (Twitter) online marketing courses

X’s (Twitter’s) popularity is on the rise, making it worthwhile to operate on this platform. Standing out from the competition and reaching new audiences is within reach. If you are looking for Twitter advertising courses, we’ll teach you effective communication and creating impactful ad campaigns on X.

SEO online marketing courses

Looking for a way to rank high on Google? In need of SEO training courses? We’ll teach you how to use the Google algorithm to your advantage! During the training, you’ll learn to create valuable content rich in keywords and leverage Google Analytics and Search Console. We’ll present the best tools to streamline your strategy and implement effective SEO solutions.

Google Ads and Google Analytics 4

On July 1st, Google Analytics 3 will stop collecting data, potentially leaving you without insights into your website’s effectiveness. It’s time to implement GA4! Try Google Analytics 4 training course by yourself! During the training, we’ll configure Google Analytics 4 on your website, additionally teaching you how to craft effective Google Ads and harness analytics for your business’s growth. If you are looking for Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 training courses, we have them!

Collaboration Pathway – How do we work?


Training Needs Analysis

  • Analyzing Needs
  • Action Analysis.
  • Analyzing Brand Communication.
  • Competition Analysis.

Preparation of Course Program

  • We prepare a course to suit your needs.

Dedicated course

  • The training is carried out by our specialist.

Post-Training Support

  • Consultation Support.

Online marketing courses – What Can You Achieve Through It?

  • Gain the ability to navigate advertising systems (Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads).
  • Develop skills to create attractive and engaging content.
  • Attain competence in crafting professional social media advertisements that drive sales and attract top-tier employees.
  • Acquire knowledge in formulating a social media communication strategy.
  • Master the art of conducting lead generation campaigns to gather contacts from potential clients.
  • Learn effective Employer Branding strategies – building an employer image that translates to a smoother and cost-effective recruitment process.
  • A digital marketing course can propel your company ahead in the market, putting you one step ahead of the competition. Strong sales, a numerous and engaged fan community, and an appealing company image – our training can help you achieve these goals. Learn advanced social media marketing with our help!

What Can an online marketing courses Look Like?

We realize the importance of tailoring the training program to your company. Therefore, a personalized digital marketing training program will be developed directly with an expert.

Each course offer is customized based on the platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest), your preferences, the industry you operate in, and your company’s characteristics.

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Sample Coconut Agency Training Agenda:

online marketing courses

Facebook Advertising Basics, Best Practice, and Common Mistakes:

  • Effective Facebook Advertising – Price vs Audience Relevance.
  • What Determines the Cost of Advertising? – Explaining Facebook Algorithms.
  • Comparing Content Types for Advertising Message Effectiveness.
  • Advertising Funnel Diagram – Setting Up Infrastructure Prior to the Campaign.
  • Top 5 Mistakes When Planning a Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Meta Ads Manager – explained:

  • Business Facebook: Your Company’s Advertising Account.
  • Explanation of Basic Options and Terms in Ad Manager.
  • Configuring Payment Settings.
  • User Administration, Roles, and Access Permissions.
  • Seadling with Commonly Encountered Issues.

Visual-Creative Concept in Facebook Advertising:

  • Fundamentals of Creating Engaging Visual Designs.
  • Principles of Crafting Captivating Ad Headlines.
  • Explaining Ad Formats and Creation Dimensions Based on Placement.
  • Requirements and Limitations Imposed by Facebook Guidelines.

Get to know our experts


Creator of the Owl My God strategy and consulting project. For more than 7 years he has been working with agencies, startups and companies in the field of marketing development. He specializes in marketing and communication strategies, content marketing and social media.

He is a co-founder of Crash Mondays – cyclical monthly meetings aimed at the marketing industry, held in Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdynia and Warsaw.

He has implemented digital marketing and social media training for many industries, including e-commerce, banking, and representatives of technology companies.

Experience gained through working with companies in various sectors, working on the agency side, as well as managing in-house marketing departments and multidisciplinary education, allows him to take a broad view of marketing, be unconventional and effectively juxtapose marketing theory with practice.


Social media and content marketing specialist who has worked with brands such as ERGO Hestia, Lufthansa Group Business Services and Co-organizer of CRASH Mondays, Krakow meetings for people interested in marketing. Graduate of Polish philology and postgraduate studies in Social Media&Content Marketing at AGH. Her articles have appeared in “Online Marketing” and “Social Media Manager” magazines and blogs, among others. Privately, she is a lover of ramen, travel and flatwork embroidery.


Every client is a new challenge and a new experience for me.

Trainer and consultant at Coconut Agency.

She gained 6 years of experience in the field of Internet marketing while working in two Krakow advertising agencies as a Google Ads and Facebook Ads specialist. In addition, for 2 years she took care of the Performance department in one of the largest real estate agencies dealing with the sale of apartments on the Costa Blanca in Spain. In addition, she developed two e-commerce brands of one of the leading brands selling purifiers and air conditioners.

She has authored two case studies in the textile and real estate industries.

Currently, as a freelancer, she manages several Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts as well as Social Media from the music, event, beauty, shipping and catering industries.

Her meticulousness, inquisitiveness and cheerfulness keep clients coming back to her and eager to recommend her. She is able to listen and draw conclusions. She is not afraid of new challenges.

Privately, for the past few months she has changed Krakow for sunny Spain, where she lives, works remotely and implements projects. She enjoys traveling, delicious food and Austrian wine. She relaxes while painting by numbers.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Social media ninja / social media trainer. She gained her social media knowledge for 4 years at RMF FM Radio. She builds the image of personal brands and companies, takes product photos, is not afraid of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, loves to speak to the phone and look for ways to make her client stand out in the industry market.

She has worked and collaborated with, among others: BNP Paribas Green Film Festival, RMF FM, Day of Polish Music, Proton Property and many local restaurants, Beauty salons, medical companies.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Performance marketing expert with over 6 years of experience. Gathered his experience working for over 3 years for one of the Tri-City marketing agencies and implementing activities for his clients. In the 2021/2022 academic year, he will be a lecturer of the Social Media Manager postgraduate program at WSAiB in Gdynia. Creator of several publications in the trade press, which have appeared in “Social Media Manager”, “E-commerce and Digital Marketing”. In his trainings, he focuses on the practical aspect of using advertising systems and shares tips on effective ad optimization.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Willingness to learn, active listening, good energy are the most important qualities of a good marketer.

She started her adventure with Internet marketing by running one of the branches of Polskapresse. She has 10 years of running a company that operates on the local and nationwide market. She comprehensively helps companies to appear in social media. She prepares strategies, content marketing, as well as advertising campaigns. In addition, she develops and operates online stores.

She conducts online marketing training for universities, cities, entrepreneurs, as well as NGOs.

The other leg of Olga’s company is the event industry. Organization of various cultural events as well as conferences.

Privately, through the women’s congress, socially engaged in activities for women. Organizer of numerous workshops, trainings.

In love with southern Italy, Pat Metheny’s guitar, Woody Allen’s films and yoga.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Google Ads specialist with more than 3 years of experience and, more recently, also Team Leader in one of the e-commerces near Krakow. Co-owner of top board and console pub BarOn in Krakow. For a year he has been developing his own brand with Google Partner status. He has worked with brands from various categories, most of which he has dealt with the home and garden, digital products, and fashion industries.

He has carried out more than 200 display, search and product campaigns, including Pmax. He has implemented Google Ads advertising strategies with budgets of up to PLN 50,000 per month.

In performance activities, he focuses on proper optimization of websites in increasing their effectiveness. He is a proponent of process automation, but not necessarily for Google Ads.

His passions outside of marketing in the broadest sense are playing tennis and non-fiction and literature dealing with psychology.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


He runs the YouTube channel Business From the Start, where he visits entrepreneurs all over the country, shows their businesses and records interviews with them. He approaches the YouTube channel in such a way that the videos published there translate into money in companies, not just empty reach, and that’s what he focuses his training on.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Graduate of law and political science at Jagiellonian University. She has been involved in the marketing, events and training industry for over 8 years. She has worked for both advertising agencies, small businesses and NGOs. On a daily basis, she develops and implements marketing strategy for training companies and conducts training in promotion and marketing for companies, NGOs, as well as educational and cultural institutions. In the 2021/2022 academic year, she taught a class on advertising in social media at the Humanitas University. Her passion is reading books. In her free time, she runs a blog and a profile on Instagram, where she shares her book discoveries.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Graduate of Social Media Manager, specializing in content marketing.

She has more than 4 years of industry experience. She helps brands develop their social media presence, build an engaged community and create unconventional content. Her work is a mix of creativity and passion. She specializes in the beauty, fashion and broader lifestyle industries.

Her favorite platform is Instagram. Kamila loves to edit Reels.

She is currently pursuing a position as Social Media Manager in one of the most promising beauty projects in Poland.

Online marketing courses - trainer Beata


Since 2015, he has been working with media entities, companies, agencies and startups in the field of marketing development and event organization.

He gained his experience at marketing and e-commerce agencies in Warsaw and while working with personalities from the world of entertainment.

During his professional career, he has worked
such brands as Black Red White, Frisco,, Tomek and Friends Live, Artists Against Hate, among others.
Project-wise, he has collaborated with artists such as:
Gromee, Oceana, Krystian Ochman, Epic Sax Guy, etc.

He has additionally used his marketing and branding skills as an internet presenter, announcer or host of events such as the Polish Eurovision Party.

In 2018, he was a winner in the “Personality of the Year” plebiscite in the category of culture, organized by Gazeta Krakowska and Dziennik Polski for his activities to promote culture in Poland and Europe.


Content writer and copywriter who has been demonstrating for 7 years that content is the best advisor for online shopping and that the written word is still going strong. It just needs to be attractively served and directed to the recipient at the right place and time. This is why he sees the SEO guidelines for creating user-friendly content as a guideline at every stage of the sales funnel.

He currently works for the x-kom group – one of the largest e-commerce companies in Poland – leading a team of copywriters. His portfolio also includes work for Cyfrowy Polsat and GetHero.

Privately, a fan of listening to music albums in their entirety and audiobooks on speed. Enthusiast of technology and unfunny jokes of the Polish SEO scene.


Trainer, marketer and video creator for the internet. She is the author of the book ‘Internet of Possibilities’ as well as ebooks and online courses. A big part of her activity is training and programmes, in which she helps companies and personal brands harness the potential of social media and video to build customer trust faster and sell more. Online, she operates as Internet Stop.


She specialises in combining marketing and sales, supporting companies in developing their strategy. With over 8 years of business experience, she works with marketing agencies and companies.

She increases sales, automates processes and helps to enter new markets. As our Coach and T-shaped Marketer, he works hybrid across different EU markets, specialising in strategies for

digital, performance marketing, social media, and creative concepts. He has worked with brands such as Cosibella, Dirk Rossman GmbH, METRO, Volvo Group and Ziaja.

Included in the online marketing courses Package:

Consultations in Digital Marketing 

The package covers 2 months of collaboration for marketing consultations. During this period, a specialist will support your team in:

  • Implementing the best digital marketing practices
  • Analyzing advertising efforts
  • Updating knowledge and monitoring ongoing activities

Social Media Training – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you want to learn social media marketing and add to your existing qualifications, a social media certification is the best way to do it.

The date is determined individually based on your team’s availability and our trainer’s schedule.

Social media marketing courses takes place in the internet, which gives the participants a perfect opportunity to join them from whatever place in the world.

Marketing training is conducted using interactive and workshop methods, with a suggested maximum of 8-10 participants.

Yes, everyone gets social media marketing certifications. After completing the training, each participant receives a personalized certificate summarizing the covered topics, the training date, and the trainer’s signature confirming completion of the workshop.

The price of the training is 1900 € net, and it includes: training needs analysis, audit of your company’s previous actions, competition analysis, creation of a personalized program and materials, 2 days of training (a total of 16 clock hours) online, an additional 8 hours of post-training consultations, access to educational materials and online courses after the training, and social media marketing certificates for each participant.

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